Vapé Rail International is dedicated to product development for Railway Infrastructure : Innovative Track!

All our products are geared towards higher safety, predictive maintenance, ergonomics, easy‐to‐use on the track.


Rail track

End‐users are often state owned. In Europe for instance, sovereign debts put tremendous pressure on railway
infrastructure. Should it be new equipment and its lifetime or existing equipment and its maintenance, end‐users need to reach higher levels of performance. Vapé Rail has grown to a higher and broader spectrum of competencies. They were drawn from track engineering on one side and track maintenance on the other side. It allows us to embed all constraints related to the product itself but also its environment.

Subway and Tram

Vapé Rail has grown its expertise through the large implementation of tram networks in France. Today, Vapé Rail is working on sizable soltutions that could accomodate lower size cities/budgets. Moreover, Vapé Rail developped a broad panel of solutions in order to fulfil specific requirements such as « Grand Paris » project in France or various international projects.


Tunnel environment encompass, by far, the highest level of requirements from an OPEX and CAPEX viewpoint. In both cases, Vapé Rail developped a product panel that fits with this hostile environment. . Dans les deux cas, Vapé Rail a développé un panel de produits particulièrement adapté à cet environnement hostile. For infrastructure, Vaperail is the father of « Plastirail » which is used for 35 years worldwide. For maintenance, torque sensors, smart helmets are few examples to show how you can improve day‐to‐day operations.


Vapé Rail clearly position itself as « Solution Provider ». It means that we drive the project from the earliest stage of the idea all way up to the production line. Vapé Rail has established a “Project office” to perfom a
complete “Project management” process. We have at our disposal, internally, a complete set of skills and tools in order to address Cost, Time, Quality.


Vapé Rail has extended its capabilities in order to prototype an idea, a concept in a very short timeframe. This means encompass various technologies for the components (injection molding, SMC, etc …) but also the
product environment (composite baseplate in concrete ). In both cases, Vapé Rail is committed to deliver in a fast track mode.


You cannot assess part design without a thoroughly understanding of the tests that your product will have to go through.
Vapé Rail has acquired extended tests capabilities. Our goal is to perform all appropriate tests internally prior to formal homologation. Here again, it applies to components and system environment.

Injection molding

Vapé Rail has a long history of injection molding as its location in the heart of « Plasticc vallée » acknowledges it.
Vapé Rail can handle any type of material (PA,PP,ABS,PC). Our scope covers the complete process from a quality management standpoint: tooling development, production tuning and start‐up. However, production is perfomed in remote workshops.


Vapé Rail has acquired competencies to develop composite solutions. We proved it through the latest development of cable ducts and walk through in SMC material. This parts fulfil “heat and fire requirements” related to tunnel environment. Our performance is due to our ability to bundle Pultrusion and SMC on the same system solution in order to optimize cost and capabilities.

Glue and resins

Vapé Rail is focused on developing product which are easy to work with to fulfill the daily maintenance duties. For example, Vaperail launched a universal resin meaning suitable for a large variety of support (Plastic, metal,concrete). We bridge the gap between daily requirements and chemical specifications such as Méthyl Methacrylate, epoxy or polyurethane. You don’t have to dive into those formulation. However, you want to make sure that it dries in less than one hour, is less sensitive to humidity etc… Vapé Rail is the link to launch an operational product line.


Vapé Rail is fully aware that a product is part of a complete system. The interface with concrete is critical. Therefore, Vapé Rail has triggered numerous corecompetencies such as INSA lyon to further assess mechanical
and chemical behavior between materials. This homework allow us to manage the complete anchoring system.

Recycled Materials

Vapé Rail is an early‐adopter of sustainable development solutions. For 30 years people are using the exact same material. Vapé Rail triggered a process to use alternate materials. For confidentiality reasons, the outcome
of this process will be announced only after all patents and homologation are fully released.