Vision Statement

« Connected Railway Infrastructure »

Connected Devices (IoT) are an outstanding opportunity to generate further value for the Railway Infrastructure. The goal is not, by any shape or form, to replace existing products by IoTs. It remains fundamental to stick to original, traditional products which warranty safety. However, you can leverage 10, 20,30 years of experience through IoTs.


« Just necessary »

Today, a systematic replacement after a given period is obsolete. IoTs can bring value by setting up a “health data sheet” of your network and therefore, replacing only what is required. This data analysis will allow you to replace a segment of the track vs. the whole track and, in an ergonomic manner.

You will be able to assess “minimum maintenance requirements” and manage “product life extension” with data support.

We have field experiences where the end‐user didn’t replace 30 kilometers of track but only the 300 meters that were sensitive from a vibration standpoint.

Vapé Rail developped a complete ecosystem with sensors which fulfil safety, reliability, performance requirements, in various fields such as torque, presence, vibration, tracking…

Our know‐how and expertise in IoTs are your insurance policy for successful projets in application
that fulfill your needs.


Stéphane BRUNET
CEO Vapé Rail


The customer is facing an optimization issue
The customer is contacting “Le Lab”
Data sharing at “Le lab”
Field “discovery and analysis”
Restitution de l'analyse terrain par Le Lab au client
Analyse et création du prototype
Testing. Design improvement based on tests results
Presentation of the physical prototype
Field implementation